Who Gives A Crap - Toilet Paper Review

We were quite happy with our previous regular toilet paper except for all of the plastic that it’s wrapped in, AND I found out that regular toilet paper is made from virgin materials which means trees are cut down so that I can wipe my bum. So I began to look into TP alternatives. I found a company called Who Gives A Crap, and besides giving me a good chuckle, I was quite intrigued. So, we ordered a box!

Own Your Health - Concierge Medicine

No one is going to care more about my health and well-being than me. And most aspects of my health, I am in charge of. A doctor cannot make me healthy. A doctor can prescribe treatment, make recommendations, make referrals, but it is my choice to take action. 

From the ashes...

Five years ago, I woke up. I know that may sound strange, but it’s the best metaphor to describe what it was like. These past five years have been some of the hardest, intense, eye-opening years of my life. A little over five years ago, my body broke under the weight of a lifetime of anxiety and poor choices, and shortly after, my brain broke; I was diagnosed with major depression during pregnancy.

[repost] My Memorial Day

This is a reposting of a piece I wrote back in August of 2015, one year after waking up from Pregnancy Depression. It was originally posted on another blog I have that, though neglected, has chronicled our journey with our daughter’s rare disease. May it be encouraging to those who suffer from depression or those who have a loved one with mental illness that they support.

KonMari Category 4...All the things

In KonMari, Category 4 is Komono, which is actually the accessories, small items, the rest of your things. Though, to me, it sounds more like naming a hurricane because basically your house gets worse before it gets better. But this is a transformative category, so press into it! And read on to find some responsible ways to discard all the komono that no longer brings you joy.

I speak for the trees

A piece of paper seems so small and harmless. Papers are so thin. But we seem to accumulate them in mass quantities. Between junk mail, tax documents, school papers, manuals, and endless notes it can quickly become a forest in your home. What do you keep and how do you get rid of the rest?

Tackle the mountain...of clothes

We KonMari-ed our clothes. So now that I have this huge pile of clothing that no longer brings me joy, what do I do with it? Or what about things with stains or holes? Or socks and underwear!? Here are some solutions I found.

Considering KonMari?

Marie Kondo seems to be a household name now. Recently, my husband and I committed to doing the KonMari method with our things. Short version: I think it’s completely worth it, if you commit.