Hello, my name is Suzanne Ransom.


I am a woman, mom, business owner, daughter, human, living in Los Angeles. And I have stuff. I have stuff all around me and as well as stuff inside me. I deeply love myself and my planet. I want to see those things fully alive. And so I have a goal. Outside, I want to be a zero waste, eco-friendly household in ten years. And inside, I want my body to function to its fullest.

This blog exists to document this journey and to share the shifts we’re making in our lives. And also, practically, what we’re doing with the stuff we are leaving behind. Just because we change direction doesn’t mean our garbage disappears. I am always so motivated by the videos on Facebook showing the obstacles to our well-being and the plight of our planet, but I’m encouraged as I see individuals doing something about it. I see hope for our future. Thanks for joining us along the way!